Behind a modernist “facade”, in the heart of the popular Cabanyal – Canyamelar district of Valencia, we find Casa Montaña, a vintage establishment with great personality.

Established in 1836, and being a meeting point for politicians, intellectuals and artists, nowadays it’s internationally recognized by the best publications of gastronomy, wines and travel.

valencia-premium-bodega-casa-montaña-front-areaIn its origins Casa Montaña provided wine in bulk to the merchant ships of the port of Valencia, and after all these years, Emiliano García and his son Alejandro García have developed the tavern adapting it to new times. At Casa Montaña we are proud of the high level of exigency of our customers.

Our friends and clients have made of Casa Montaña one of the most complete and selective wine cellars in the country with over 1000 references. They motivate us to continue innovating and improving our service.

At Casa Montaña three are the aspects that stand out: We have a PROJECT, to become a distinguished reference in the world of wine and gastronomy. We have a working SYSTEM, orientated to offer the best quality to our customers. And we do all this with PASSION, because things only last when you really believe in them.


Our Commitment

Nowadays, Casa Montaña wants to go further and to keep committed to Society.

That’s why we were members of the Eutherpe Foundation, which is dedicated to the development of musical culture and promotion of young performers in classical music.

Among several activities, during last years at Casa Montaña we organize a “Supportive Talks” where different people from Arts, Science and Politics are invited to debate about the main current matters regarding to our Society

We also want to maintain our commitment to youth and sport. Casa Montaña supports a soccer team made up of healthy youngsters who are gastronomy students; this club is named Casa Montaña – LO CUC Chacarita.

We believe that we have to give back to society part of what society gives to us and that is the reason why every week we chose a different wine named “Supportive Wine”, from which a 7% from its price is given to different NGO’s.

In doing all this we want to keep the bonds that help us to share values with Society.


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