Why choose Region of Valencia?

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The región

Comunitat Valenciana

A unique region with many (many) charms, that’s Comunitat Valenciana, that’s Valencia, Castellón and Alicante. What there’s to say about its gastronomy, natural landscapes, art, culture, traditions, history or festivals? Such a short article couldn’t do them justice, you have to live them (true).

In recent years, Comunitat Valenciana has become a gastronomic destination of international relevance, balancing cherished traditions with innovative avant-garde cuisine, capturing Mediterranean essence in its purest form. Unique ingredients, with incomparable quality and flavor (oil, Benicarló artichokes, Valencia tiger nuts, Jijona’s turrones, Utiel-Requena wines) in a land that always shines, as you can also see by its wine tourism, artisan crafts or its coves and beaches bathed in a light missing from other places. 

Comunitat Valenciana also means art, culture, tradition, life and colors. Sites, museums, dances, legends and literary and artistic treasures. A place with no end in sight. Get to know it now.