Caro Hotel

Located at the city heart, just 200 meters from the Cathedral and the Basilica, Caro Hotel is Valencia’s first 5 stars landmark hotel. With an urban and independent personality, it knows how to combine the city’s history with current designs. The interior designed by Francesc Rifé has been meticulously managed down to the smallest detail, giving the hotel a contemporary air, with neat and geometric lines, fused with the original architectural elements of the old Caro Marquees Palace, with an eclectic facade that goes back to the 19th century. Further on, its walls keep an incomparable heritage of more than 2,000 years, in which a mosaic from the Roman era (2nd century BC), Valencia’s Arab city wall (12th century), several Gothic arches and nineteenth-century constructions have been respected, rehabilitated and integrated to the space.

The result is a unique collection of 26 warm and comfortable rooms, all of them different from each other, where proportions, refined shapes and the use of wood together with other materials create the hotel’s distinctive personality; together with its Alma del Temple restaurant that blends with its environment and becomes the best option for those travelers who wish to enjoy a special hotel and gastronomic experience from a different point of view.